Have you ever had that sickening feeling….

It’s payday, and you’re happy. A feeling of relief comes over you because you know you can watch your salary hit you account…. and watch the debits eat away at it.

But sometimes, something unexpected happens… a debit you weren’t expecting… and oops!!! You feel like Rambo just punched you in the guts! There goes your transport money, or you your food money… or both! Now what?

The first time this happens you might be able to approach friends or family for cash to tide you over. If it’s not the first time… they might run if they see you coming.

You know you don’t want to go to the loan sharks – that options bites back many many times over. How to do you raise extra cash in a hurry in times of need? Do you have goods you can sell to make extra money? Maybe you can cook or bake for others to cover your short fall? Have you been growing vegetables you can harvest and sell? Are you able to make something, like clothing, or makarapa’s which you can sell to raise a bit of cashflow?

When I was at school I used to make chocolates to sell to make pocket money. (My parents were always on a tight budget)

I’ll say this though, in case you needed to hear it: YOU NEED MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME. Preferably the other incomes should go into a different bank account, so that you don’t touch it normally, but can access it if you have a sudden financial emergency.

So here’s my question… how do you raise extra cash in a hurry?

Originally posted 2018-09-30 10:58:58.