A number of years later I once again started classes in ballroom and latin (as a paying student this time, not a trainee teacher), and I got through the first round of exams.

At the time I didn’t have a drivers license or a car, so I was dependent on the others in our little group for transport. My passion for dancing always seemed to exceed that of my friends, so again, I felt the need to dial back my passion in order to be liked. Seriously, I had no idea that “being liked” was even on my agenda or value system. I just know that each time I talked about dancing I would find myself quickly isolated, by both “friends” and family. The rest of them had no interest in pursuing the dancing any further after those first exams, and so that fizzled out.


Fast forward about 8 years, and I’d gotten married, I was working for a stock broker, and I found a studio close to home that was reasonably priced. True, it also didn’t have sprung floors (but I wasn’t doing tap dancing there either). I guess I was there for 2-3 years… but injuries resurfaced and then I lost my job, and, and, and… so I quit.

I tried Irish dancing once – but it was a 2-in-1 class (my first and my last), cos my knees did NOT like those flick movements at all.

At church I’ve done various dances, from gumboot to contemporary. The thing I like most about church dances is that I wear a loooong skirt (which means I can hide if I’m “cheating” on steps, due to making adjustments for my sore knees). The gumboot dance was fun, but gosh I was stiff the next day – cos you’re constantly bending down to beat the boots (and I wasn’t wearing the tall, black mine boots, I was wearing the shorter, white kitchen boots… so I was bending further) – I was sore from my shoulders, through my glutes down to the back of my knees – ouch!

gumboot dancing

In 2010 I was working in Braamfontein, and found out that the Joburg Ballet held evening adult beginner ballet classes. Wow, did this feel like home!!! (my job s*cked, so I’d spend my whole day just looking forward to dance class). My job was only a short term contract, so when that came to an end, so did the dancing.


In 2012 some of the ladies at church wanted me to teach them to dance. This requires a completely different set of skills from actually dancing. When I dance my feet have a mind of their own, and my mind pretty much doesn’t get involved, other than to prevent me from bumping into things. I tried various options (DVD’s)… Sweating in the Spirit was funny (let’s all go “ooo ooo” during church… NOT!!!). And then I found PraiseMoves. This seemed to work well for the ladies as it was a good match for their fitness and flexibility level, and helped teach me how to teach (especially the breathing cues). The only problem with teaching is that I don’t get a full workout myself, as it becomes my job to help the others get their postures right to prevent injury.


I’ve done the Zumba training (20,000 steps in 1 day according to my fitbit), and I was totally exhausted. It’s hard enough trying to do the class – but to add cues (even non-verbal ones) on top of that takes it to another level. As such, I’ve never given a Zumba class.


PraiseMoves also offers Mira! training (Christian fitness to a Latin beat)  and we got started on that – but we’ve since changed venue, and the new venue is carpeted, which isn’t the best dancing surface.


2018 and I’ve joined Dancing Diva’s as a student. just the beginner’s class, cos hey – life isn’t a race. I’m thoroughly enjoying it! Would highly recommend it to anyone who has even the slightest enjoyment from dancing.


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