If you’re anything like me, you’ve had times in your life where nothing seems to inspire you, and perhaps everything just seems to conspire against you. At times like this I turn to Google and Pinterest and Social Media to find a way out of my funk.


Unfortunately, this hasn’t worked that well for me. Often the advice given revolves around finding your passion in life and pursuing it with all your heart. For me that’s not exactly practical. At times I’m between jobs (working from home), whereas currently I’m on a project which requires at least 8 hours a day of my time. Not that I’m complaining… a salary certainly comes in handy 🙂

My husband has learned that I often go off on a tangent… my flavour of the month. I’m all for experimenting, especially with concepts I haven’t tried before. After all… how will I know if I enjoy something unless I try it? (obviously I’m not talking about anything illegal, unethical, immoral or fattening here…. ok, maybe I’ll try the fattening options, as that usually involves chocolate 🙂 )

I first started doing this when I realised that I could purchase fromf eBay. (I’m talking around 2007, and I couldn’t buy from there previously as reserve bank laws prevented it until that time).

eBay is fun, but can be expensive. I’d purchase stuff on eBay, and resell it on Bid or Buy – and so long as I covered my cost, I was happy. I learned about Red Warty Things, Spaghetti Squash, audio-books (by the hundreds, I kid you not) Hex Bugs and two-tone gems, to name a few. None of them lasted more that a month, but that wasn’t the point. The point that I was experimenting, and having fun in the process.

So I have to ask, if you had to try a flavour for this month… what would it be? Being July, maybe it’s about effective ways of keeping warm this winter… or baking bread at home, or other “typical” winter things. Perhaps you’d like to try the opposite, and start on your summer body now? What exercise could you do that the preparation thereof doesn’t put you off (like changing into skimpy workout gear when it’s this cold would probably put me off… I reserve the right to change my mind on this in 2 months time).

Comment below, and let me know what interesting things you’re trying, or would like to try

Originally posted 2016-07-05 13:20:12.