Hi, I’m Michelle, and I’m a dancaholic


I’ve always loved dancing. You know that line in ABBA’s Dancing Queen, “mama said I was a dancer before I could walk”…. yeah, that was me. Put music on and I battle to sit still, even today. But the road has not always been smooth…

I started formal dance classes in Grade 2, starting with modern, and a year or 2 later I started tap as well. It didn’t help that our studio didn’t have sprung floors, so tap dancing has really made a mess of my knees. But I dance anyways, and regret it the next day.

dancing bee

I always wanted to be a dancer, but I had no clue what this would entail. I grew up in a family where everyone held an office job… i.e. they worked office hours. Finding a dance job that happens during office hours wasn’t easy – I still haven’t found it.

In Standard six I auditioned for the SABC – and this was a huge deal in my life! I was convinced I was going to become rich and famous, my dream was coming true. Yes I was still wet behind the ears. Yes, I believed them when they said “thanks, we’ll let you know”… I didn’t want to be too far from the phone in case the call came in. It hit me like a ton of bricks a few months later when I saw one of the other ladies from the audition on an SABC see-the-new-year-in-show. I was devastated, totally shattered! But still my dream lived on.

Once I matriculated, I auditioned for Sun City – I actually got down to the final 6 contenders (they were looking for 3 girls)… but I was too heavy (the skinnier girls got it).

During all this time I realised that I had to keep my dancing passion quiet. I have 2 older brothers (8 years older than me), and when I heard music that I knew choreography to, I would dance – no matter where I was… which was usually in a shopping centre. I can only imagine how embarrassed teenage boys would be at having a little sister who’d dance anywhere and everywhere. I unfortunately learned to reign that in – at a huge cost to my sense of self. I somehow translated this to mean that I’m not allowed to be me – and for other people to like me, I have to toe the line, their line and disregard anything I liked. Dancing had to stay in the studio.


Over the years I’ve done the following types of dance:

  • Modern
  • Tap
  • Ballroom
  • Latin American
  • Ballet
  • Irish
  • Gumboot
  • Zumba
  • Mira!
  • Dancing Diva’s

I’m nowhere near as fit as I used to be, even though I’m still fairly flexible (but again, not as much as I used to be).


Originally posted 2018-03-21 12:16:41.