The starting point
Resources: Roofsheeting, rebar and fencing
The basic construction: (this requires more than 1 pair of hands) create inner circle of fencing for the ongoing composting, then create the full keyhole exterior with the remaining fencing (using rebar to secure, lightly at first in case reshaping is needed). Finally line the fencing with the roofsheeting
now add cardboard and paper, as much as your can find. We hadn’t removed the underlying lawn so this is crucial to prevent it growing up through the layers (note, it still does occasionally)
After the paper (brown) layer, add a green layer: we used garden cuttings. In hindsight some of these were not a good choice, as the Yukka simply said “thank you – challenge accepted”, and sprouted with a few months. I had to climb in and dig it out.

Every year I add more compost – and during autumn and winter I ask the garden service to dump their excess leaves on top too.

After this we added compost. We get 40kg bags and used at least 5 bags. I was surprised how much this all settled and how quickly too

A couple of month later (and the garden overgrowing) things were growing nicely.

Every year I add more compost. The one year I topped it up with bales of hay, thinking that would last a long time, but it also composted very quickly. Keeps the worms happy.

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