Something most people don’t know about me…

I’ve lived in a very dangerous place much of my life. It’s not a physically dangerous place like Hillbrow or a squatter camp. In many ways, it’s worse.

I’ve lived in the middle area between Inspiration and Desperation.

Maybe you can relate…

I’m an easy going person. Not much flusters me. At this point in my life, not much surprises me, either.

But for most of my life, I lacked inspiration. I found it hard to get inspired by much of anything. I was so focused on my next task, my next goal, my next accomplishment that I didn’t leave time to get inspired by what I was doing!!!

How about that. It’s crazy, but I don’t think I’m alone.

Life on autopilot is what I call it.

And it was my life.

On the other side of inspiration is DESPERATION.

Thankfully, I’ve only been there a few times in my life, and it wasn’t pretty. But at least when you’re desperate, you move as fast as you can away from it. At least there’s that.

Truth is, many of us live in the “middle ground” between inspiration and desperation, and it’s a really dangerous place to reside.

Because living there means you don’t feel strongly, you don’t feel inspired, and you don’t feel desperate.

Some people don’t even feel.

Life on autopilot.

If you’ve ever lived there, you know exactly what I mean.
And if you live there now, I get it.

It’s not fun.

One of the goals of my business is to INSPIRE you. To let you know that anything is possible.

Heck, if an ex-stockbroking, injured dancaholic, project manager who never sold much in her life, with no personal business experience and a schedule that left little time to breath can be successful in her home business…


If you’re struggling, I know how that is.

Been there many, many times.

But understand, it’s not how smart you are or how much money you have that will decide your success…

It’s YOU and how you show up.

Day in and day out.

People are watching you.

They are waiting to see if you’re here to stay or just another flash in the pan.

What you say may intrigue them.
But you have yet to earn there trust.

That comes with consistency.

That comes with what Ray Higdon calls “Invest Learn Teach”.

Over and over and over.

It ain’t sexy.

But it’s the path.

Hope this helps you out today.

To your success!

Originally posted 2018-03-22 09:35:43.