PraiseMoves helps to improve flexibility. Flexibility refers to the ease with which one may move a joint through a specific range of motion. The greater one’s flexibility, the greater the range of motion a joint can move through. Tight muscles make many tasks difficult. By keeping the body flexible, many daily tasks such as bending and lifting are much easier.

PraiseMoves assists weight loss. Improving your flexibility with PraiseMoves can also help you during other forms of exercise such as walking, cycling and strength training, thereby improving your ability to exercise with more energy, burn more calories, and lose weight.

By improving your flexibility and strengthening your muscles with PraiseMoves, you will not only enhance your ability to perform daily tasks, you will also improve your posture, helping alleviate common aches and pains, reduce back pain, and increasing your overall sense of health and well being.

PraiseMoves can help alleviate stress. Stress causes muscles to contract. A persistently contracted muscle becomes stiff and painful.

PraiseMoves not only helps relieve the stiff and painful muscles, but also decreases stress, promoting a relaxed disposition and gives a great sense of well-being.

PraiseMoves can help injuries to heal. Stretching is widely used in the rehabilitation of injuries. By stretching injured muscles gently, muscle fibers heal more quickly, with less pain and stiffness, and more strength and resilience.

PraiseMoves improves coordination and agility. As we become older the importance of flexibility increases. Lack of coordination and agility is a cause of numerous injuries and accidents. By increasing flexibility and promoting better coordination and agility, the likelihood of such injuries is reduced.

PraiseMoves can help keep tissues healthier. Stretching encourages the release of tissue lubricants. It prevents muscle fibers from adhering to one another and forming cross linkages that inhibit the natural fluid movement of muscles. Stretching helps to keep the elastin component of our muscles, and prevents the formation of stiff fibers. Stretching helps to keep tissues well hydrated and more functional.

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Originally posted 2017-11-25 15:10:02.