Virtuous is more than good kind or meek. 500 years ago meant POWERFUL – a woman warrior, because we are at war – a culture war. Men would you prefer a woman who’s a perfect servant, or a woman who’s got your back in battle and delivers you? Eve = helper, doesn’t mean servant, it means the person who came when you cried Help.


God is my help. Is He my servant?  Because we do not understand proverbs 31 is about a warrior woman who transforms her family, community and culture. Men (rebel wimp and warrior), because we are created together to overcome and conquer but good weak women or men do not overcome do they? If we’re looking for good weak – we’re doomed.


Prov 31 is about a powerful woman. All through the bible when you read about men and women together in marriage especially it uses military terms. Men and women can overcome and change the culture. In English culture, cult and cultivate are all woven together from the Latin. A culture is what is cultivated into you.

Marriages failed because we made women weak in the religious world. There’s a difference between good and weak and godly and powerful. If you go to a kitchen and it’s pure and clean and no food in the fridge and the pantry is clean… yeah it’s good but it’s ineffective! Empty or weak is not holy! Nor do we want a kitchen full of food that’s not clean. What we want is a kitchen full of healthy good tasteful food that is also clean.

Proverbs 31 is written to men… (teaching by Dr Frank T. Seekins)

Mighty Warrior Women:

The first 30 minutes is background – but it’s a good foundation

Mighty Warrior Men:

For more info, please visit his website here

Here is my brief summary of his teaching which I used on Friday evening:  mighty warrior

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