Have you ever heard of a bar of shampoo?


Organic, Vegan, 100% natural – (no sulphate, silicone or parabens)  


The world is moving away from PLASTIC. Our contribution is to deliver a shampoo without a plastic container! In this way we contribute to the conservation of ocean life around the South African coast!


supplies 60 – 70 washes

Is organic, vegan and 100% natural

can be used with great convenience as a body-wash or shampoo

The additional essential oil – healing value

5 Different blends:

1. Lavender  – Hair growth, treats dandruff & itchy scalp & bacteria. Relaxing!
2. Cinnamon – Improves blood circulation carrying nutrients & oxygen to your scalp. Promotes strong hair.
3. Seaweed – Helps scalp hydration (dry hair) Increase mineralization promoting thicker hair.
4. Mint – Energy for dull hair, maintain natural PH. Use for OILY hair. Treat dandruff.
5. Poligonum Multiflorum – Use in hair loss treatment and reverse premature grey hair!

Shampoo Bar

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